Friday, December 23, 2011

New Years thoughts

I´ll be the girl....

I’ll be the girl who makes Jesus Christ the center of her whole existence.
I’ll be the girl who bases every decision off of what HE tells me.
I’ll be the girl who doesn’t think, look at, say, or even contemplate anything unclean ever again.
I’ll be the girl who is kind and sweet and puts others before herself.
I’ll be the girl who treats everyone with respect, is always helpful and never hurtful.
I’ll be the girl who finds all her strength and confidence in Jesus Christ and never wavers.
I’ll be the girl with an attitude straight from heaven.
I’ll be reliable, steadfast, and stable.
I’ll be those things through Jesus who lives in me.
If I’m ever anything else it is your job to rebuke me, pray for me, and talk to me.

The computer is meant for school assignments and important research.

The library is meant for the same thing so get your pass get a card and use it more often.

Nature is meant to be explored, spend more time outside, walk, run, and enjoy the fresh air while you still can.

You get up in the morning and you wash, get dressed, do the things you’re told because those older than you want to teach you and strive for your best.

At first you might perceive something as a nuisance, do it anyways and do it with a good attitude just the way Christ would.

Life comes with a whole bunch of confusing, difficult, uncomfortable, burdensome and sometimes just plain miserable situations. With that being said, think about the fact that Christ is building your character, that He is with you every step of the way when you put your hope in him. No situation is too confusing, difficult, uncomfortable, burdensome, or miserable when you have confidence in him.

Truthful, open, and real, those are things you struggle with in today’s society. This world has built a society in which young women and men strive to be anything but themselves. It’s the hardest thing in the world we live in, to be what Christ had in mind when he made us. Remember you can never be who you were meant to on your own, you need him, seek your creator. A movie star, an image built by the world, a mask, and attitude straight form a T.V show, a sex appeal every advertisement screams out, that’s what we say NO to. Christ is the breath of fresh air this world needs, HE is the real, the truth, and through him that’s what were called to be. No lies, no acting, no world built character, we don’t fit in, we stand out. In this world we are the true rebels.

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