Thursday, July 21, 2011

Appreciating IT

This week my thoughts have been on appreciation a lot. Because its my last week I realize right before I leave everything how much I appreciate all the things I have here with me. Mom and Billy and Lynn and Charlie, being able to talk to my Best Friend as much as I do, its all stuff about my life I'm grateful to have. I see how much it means to get to hug my mom and spend time with my brother and kiss all over Charlie and listen to Lynn's crazy stories every day now that I know I wont have it anymore. While thinking about this my thoughts drifted to something else that calls for appreciation which I've never thought about this way before.

Imagine if there was no God, no Love, no Miracles, no Hope, or Peace, or Joy. What if all the things he gives us, all the things that exist through him just weren't there, because he didn't exist?  It makes me wonder, why don't some people truly appreciate his love, take it with full thanks for it and give back in full. When you imagine all the good things left in the world gone and no one to make anything beautiful anymore its shattering to think. When you really realize what God is and what He means you're mind is blown. To think that you never have to be without his Love that hes the one thing that's stable forever and ever, it does something in me. Seeing that makes me wanna cling to him and praise and thank him over and over and over.

I'm still learning how to sort it all out. I'm learning what it means to be a true Christian and live my life for Him. Its not easy but its worth it all. Hes so much more than anyone ever realizes.

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